C for Everyone: The JumpStart Guide to C, is part of the JumpStart MicroBox education kit package and also available for standalone purchase. The purpose of this book is to teach the C programming language, using examples running on the JumpStart MicroBox hardware. A college-level course syllabus can be constructed around this book and its examples, suitable for both hardware and software engineers.

The book starts off with an introduction chapter using tutorial examples, after which the elements of the C language are presented in a methodical and logical manner. The authors have over 30 years of experience of writing C compilers and interacting with customers, and special attention is given to topics that may not be obvious to users with only "usage experience" with the language.

“Can you learn C from this book without the MicroBox hardware?” The answer is undoubtedly Yes! Section II, The C Programming Language, is a concise practical introduction to the C language. Reading through this section alone will give you a good understanding of the language. So, whatever platform you are using C on, you may peruse the examples and text, and “type away”.

The first 74 pages of the book in PDF can downloaded here.

You may purchase the ebook here.

Table of Contents

  1. A Tutorial Introduction
  2. Basic Elements of C
  3. Expressions and Operators
  4. Statements
  5. Variables
  6. Type and Declarations
  7. Functions
  8. The C Preprocessor
  9. The Standard C Library
  10. Advanced Topic: Effective Pointer and Array Usage
  11. Advanced Topic: Dynamic Data Structures


  • Introduction to Computer Arithmetic
  • A Brief History of C
  • The C Standards
  • C Compilers and the Runtime Environment


As reviewed by Jack Ganssle at embedded.com http://www.embedded.com/electronics-blogs/break-points/4442163/C-For-Everyone

"...all-in-all this is an excellent work that will now be one of the standard suggestions I’ll give when people ask me that how do 'I become an embedded programmer' question.

And they ask it a lot – 2021 times last month, which is about average."

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