Here you will find links to all the software you need for your JumpStart MicroBox kit. JumpStart MicroBox documentation, including descriptions of the JumpStart API and the ACE (Arduino Compatible Education) Shield, and other Cortex-M resources can also be found here.

Development Tools: JumpStart C for Cortex-M: This is the main development toolset, including the C compiler, IDE, and debugger, plus the USB driver for the ST-Nucleo boards. Once downloaded, click on the file to install the program. Then follow the QuickStart Guide for USB driver installation.

To open the JumpStart MicroBox examples, run the IDE, File->Open, then browse to c:\iccv8cortex\examples.JumpStartMicroBox (replace c:\iccv8cortex with your installation root) and open default.workspace. Follow the QuickStart Guide or the JumpStart MicroBox Examples document for further instructions.

Terminal Emulator Program: PuTTY (version 0.62), this is an Open Source terminal program.
From the program’s website:

PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Windows and Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator. It is written and maintained primarily by Simon Tatham.

Your program running on the JumpStart MicroBox can communicate with the PC through the mini-USB cable connecting between the PC and the ST-Nucleo board. On the PC, you use a terminal emulator such as PuTTY for keyboard input and terminal display. Refer to the document set "JumpStart MicroBox Hardware" for more information.

ChanFS: This is only needed if you want to use the micro-SD feature. This is a generic MS-DOS compatible file system. A port of low-level SD-interface is included in the "SDCard" project in the c:\iccv8cortex\examples.JumpStartMicroBox workspace. The full source code to ChanFS can be found here.

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