This article applies to the V8/V9 JumpStart C for AVR and JumpStart C++ for Cortex dongles only, and does not apply to the older V6/V7 dongles.

The V8/V9 licensing dongles use standard Windows driver and does not need a custom device driver. Prior to Windows 8 and Windows 10, all you need to do is to plug in the dongle, and Windows will automatically install the driver for it. With the latest Windows releases that enforce driver signature checking, the situation is more complicated.

How To Tell If The Dongle Driver Is Installed Correctly

You can follow the Help instructions on how to enable dongle license checking. A faster method is to use a command prompt, and type

c:\iccv8avr\bin\ilinkavr --DONGLE:0
(note there are two dashes.)

or, for JumpStart C++ for Cortex
c:\iccv9cortex\bin\jumpstart_helper --DONGLE:0

If the tool says it cannot access the USB licensing dongle, then the driver is not installed. Follow the instructions to install a "custom driver".

Installing a "Custom Driver"

  1. Right click on the file links and download the jumpstart_dongle.inf and files to a temporary directory, e.g. c:\temp\jumpstart_dongle\
  2. Invoke Win10 mode to disable signed driver checking (* see below)
  3. Insert the dongle
  4. Open Device Manager, find the USB Dongle, it's probably under "Human Interface Devices" as a USB Input Device
  5. As there may be multiple USB Input Devices, you can confirm it's the correct device by right click, properties, Details, then "Hardware Ids" and the VID should be 1B43 and PID is 2010. If not, then this is not the correct device.
  6. Select Update Driver, browse drivers on computer, and select the dongle file directory
  7. Windows will warn about unsigned driver, click OK etc.
  8. REBOOT!

(*) Rebooting Win10 in unsigned driver install mode

  1. Click on the power button etc. and while holding the shift key, left click to select Restart


  2. On the screen "Choose an option", select Troubleshoot

  3. Select "Advanced options"

  4. Select "Start-Up Settings"


  5. Type "7" to select "Disable driver signature enforcement"


This setting only affects this Windows start. Next time you reboot, Win10 will revert to driver signature enforcement.

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