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Are your embedded or language translator ("compiler") projects running into headwinds? Are you falling behind in your schedule? Do you have "unsolvable bugs"? If so, ImageCraft can help. Each ImageCraft consultant has decades of experience with hardware and software design and development. We have built many dozens of commercial products that are being used directly and indirectly every day by tens or hundreds of thousands of people. We have the skills and experience to help make YOUR project a reality.

What We Do:

Let us be part of your team and get your products to market quickly. We can provide additional development resources when needed and help with:

  • Firmware design and development. We excel with driver development in USB, TCP/IP, I2C, CAN, etc., and RTOS development and integration.
  • Firmware debugging.
  • Language translators, compiler tools.
  • Hardware design based on microcontrollers, from the AVR to the 32-bit Cortex MCUs.
  • PCB Assembly and manufacturing, with production houses in US or China.

Who We Are:

Mark Barber, founder of Extron Design. 

Mark is our crack hardware designer. He has extensive experience with electronic design, schematic design, PCB design work, and 3D plastics design. Through Mark's connections, we have formed strong relationships with many quality manufacturers in US, Australia and overseas.  

Richard Man, cofounder and technical director of ImageCraft.

Richard has many years of experiencing with firmware and compiler development, and project/product management. You can view Richard's resume/CV here.

Key Skills

  • Managing product specifications, designs, releases, and development teams. Knowledgeable with the lifecycle process from defining project requirements, project mission and vision, project planning, and documents, and managing engineering teams.
  • Familiar with Waterfall, and Agile / Scrum processes and framework.
  • Negotiation of agreements for products, resale, manufacturing, and distribution.
  • C Guru: in-depth experience  implementing production C compilers, optimizers, and tools. 
  • Embedded system design and development including RTOS and driver development for TCP/IP, USB, I2C, SPI, CAN etc..
  • In-depth understanding of programming language design, compilers, code generators and optimizers, interpreters and VM, JIT, runtime support, debuggers, computation theory, Instruction Set Architecture, OS internals, message-passing microkernels, etc.
  • As a Tai Chi instructor, Richard utilizes a “Zen approach” to management, negotiation, and conflict resolution.

Sid Price is an experienced firmware and hardware design engineer. His most recent projects include 

  • CueAssist - Modular automation system for live animal shows. CueAssist includes not only on-stage control of music and sound effects but also integrated, remote animal release mechanisms.

  • Wireless Debug Probe - An Open Source, Wi-Fi or USB connected, SWD and JTAG debug probe for Cortex-M MCUs. Based upon an existing Open Source design this debug probe is compatible with several source-level debuggers, e.g. ImageCraft, Eclipse, and GDB.

  • Digital Experience Guardian (DxG) - An "in-theater" monitoring and quality assurance system for digital cinemas.The project included not only the embedded firmware for the measuring instrument and conceptual design of the sensors, but also, the desktop management application for deployment of the instrument and collection and display of the test results. Instrument code written in 'C' for the Microchip ATMega164P and the desktop suite written using Visual Basic .NET.

  • ImageCraft Jumpstart Debugger - A 'C' source-level debugger for embedded systems based upon the Microchip AVR and Cortex-M series of microcontroller. Written in 'C'.

  • Gates Air Flexiva Audio Routing and on-air Audio Console - Software system architecture and implementation of this distributed audio control and routing system for radio broadcast, on-air studios. This included the desktop-based management software suite and the embedded software in all the system devices.

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