Why JumpStart C for AVR

In a single package, you can be productive with programming Atmel AVR MCUs in a matter of hours, instead of days or weeks. JumpStart C for AVR even includes an integrated visual debugger (separate license purchase required). See also Why JumpStart Tools.

From a customer:

btw, I used to have -well, still have somewhere-, a license for ICCAVR6, which I used extensively for similar projects for experiments at CERN; your tools have played their part in the discovery of the Higgs boson, no kidding cool

Major Features of JumpStart C Tools

JumpStart Tools Come in Three Different Editions

Owners of one edition type may upgrade to the higher editions for the difference in price.

JumpStart C for Atmel AVR Additional Features

JumpStart C for Atmel AVR STD/NC editions are limited to 128K bytes of code memory.

JumpStart C for Atmel AVR PRO edition in addition supports MIO (Machine Independent Optimizer) and Code Compression optimizer to provide 10-20% better code.

More comments from a customer Patrick Cowan:

Your business model is awesome, and I think it has huge potential to sell your software by making it very easy to use and basically idiot-proof. I don't know much about software, but I was able to learn how to use an Arduino fairly easily. The idea of your software being that same level of simple/easy, but working on other processors is very appealing. In fact we found your company existed because I told [my partner] that someone HAD TO be making software like this. After doing some google searching we found you guys! 

CodeBlocks IDE

ImageCraft enhanced the Open Source CodeBlocks IDE to add user friendly features such as selecting target device via point-and-click, instead of writing complicated linker files. We integrated it with our own JumpStart Debugger including the ability to see the MCU's IO register content. More information and screenshots here.

JumpStart Debugger

The integrated debugger is described here. It requires a separate license purchase to enable all of its features.


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