We are not the only embedded compiler vendor, so why ImageCraft JumpStart C (*) tools? Simply, we offer easy-to-use professional tools at reasonable / affordable prices, and we back them up with unparalleled support. 

Our professional target audience is the group of engineers who sit between "GCC - even if it's not free!" and "IAR/Keil even at $7000+ is quite OK". Professionals look for good code quality, ease of use, reasonable prices, and most importantly, good support when they need it. When you email ImageCraft for support, you get an answer within 24 hours (often within an hour or less) from the same people who write the tools. You can read about some our technologies in the drop-down menu "Technologies".

JumpStart C is available for the ARM Cortex-M and the Atmel AVR. Click on the links to find out more.

Our corporate customers typically have 3 to 6 compiler licenses, enabling them to equip multiple engineers with licenses, rather than "making do" with just one expensive $7000+ license. Compared with "free" GCC, our tools are easy to use with very little training time. With the JumpStart API for the ARM Cortex-M, and the Application Builder for the Atmel AVR, engineers can get productive and start writing code in a matter of hours instead of weeks. Our support is second to none, and unlike others, our annual maintenance charge is very low and reasonable $50.

Jörg Linden, a German speaking customer writes:

"Was mich sehr beeindruckt ist die wirklich überzeugende Unterstützung von euch. Hut ab."

which translates to something like:

"I'm very impressed by your excellent support. Kudos to you."

Check out other customer testimonials on other pages. We even have customers in ALL seven continents, including researchers in Antarctica.

For educational institutions looking to teach classes in embedded systems programming, our JumpStart MicroBox package includes all the hardware, the software, an ebook on the C programming language, and tutorials and examples, all for a low price of $99. With the JumpStart MicroBox, students can learn embedded programming using C on industrial-standard hardware (ARM Cortex-M). No need to get stuck with old, outdated 8/16-bit hardware, or a non-industry-standard programming language. Find out more or purchase online.

Our educational customers include Stanford University, Cal Poly, West Michigan University, DeVry University, Kookmin University of Korea, and many more.

For hobbyists, our software conforms to Standard C, and is much more powerful than Arduino. Our software is much easier to use than GCC, and unlike other companies that entice you with a "free" Cortex-M0 license or a code-size-limited "starter license" - which is useless once you grow beyond their limitations - our Non-Commercial license is only $99, and our commercial licenses start at $249. There is no bait and switch.

(*) Notes: JumpStart C for AVR was previously known as "ICCAVR" and "ICCV8 for AVR".