Quick Start Guide to Smart.IO in PDF (V0.1 September 6th, 2017)


Smart.IO slide show presentation in PDF (V1.0 Nov 7th, 2017)

Evaluating Smart.IO using the Smart.IO Starter Kit in PDF (V1.1 Nov 16th, 2017)

User Guides

A Program Template in PDF (V0.1 Nov 16th, 2017) - this describes how to write a main.c that works with Smart.IO

Host Interface Layer in PDF (V0.3, Nov 16th, 2017)

Software API in PDF (V0.1 July 25th, 2017)

Smart.IO User Interface Elements in PDF (V0.3 September 12th, 2017)

Software Upgrade Guide in PDF (V0.1 August 10th, 2017)

Integration Guides

Hardware Integration Guide in PDF (V1.2 September 29th, 2017)


Smart.IO Schematic in PDF

Arduino Shield for Smart.IO Schematic in PDF

Sell Sheets

JPG sell sheet

PDF sell sheet