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Customer Review of JumpStart Tools

Unedited from a new customer Wesley R:


I used arduino for quite a few years tinkering and building projects. Recently, I decided to take an idea out of the world of arduino and into the world of true embedded systems. I started my search for a simple way to create an embedded system that i could put into a commercial product. I found the answer and then some by using Jumpstart microbox from Imagecraft. I found Imagecraft originally by searching for a compiler to use with avr MCUs but after a month and a half of reading and looking at code. I was no closer to my goal of creating a commercial MCU. Then Richard at Imagecraft suggested i try their Jumpstart Microbox with the Jumpstart API.

After looking at a few examples, I knew this was going to be a much easier and faster way for me to get my code onto a micro controller. I ordered a Jumpstart Microbox kit, and it was at my door a few days later. The compiler I used was Imagecrafts Jumpstart C for Cortex M series micro controllers. I have very little experience with other Cortex-M C compilers, but I had their example programs running within 30 minutes. A 32 bit 84 MHz micro controller was under my control (a mechanical engineer with little c programming experience). The example code and documentation from Imagecraft was very easy to follow and understand.

I was able to use a 32 bit micro controller just like i would an arduino. I couldn't be more impressed with this product. If you are interested in making a commercial product or learning more about micro controllers, and you want or need to use a powerful micro controller. Jumpstart microbox is the answer period.  The last thing and probably the best thing about this product is the customer service. The guys at Imagecraft would answer any question i had within minutes no kidding. They even answered questions i didn't know i would need to ask. Excellent job Imagecraft.

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216 MHz MCU

Well, how times have changed. I remember Digital Equipment Corp. had a major celebration when we released the DEC Alpha "EV4" running at 200MHz. This sounds kind of slow when PC processors are now running at a few GIGA-Hertz, but at that time, the competitors' CPUs were chugging along at ... 60MHz or so. The DEC teams used all the tricks they had to achieve that. The price of that processor were in the multi-thousands.

And now we have the STM32F746 MCU, with so many GPIOs, Timers, and plethora of peripherals, all for about $10:


p.s. this is from porting the JumpStart API to the F7xx series. The demo is done with just a few lines of JumpStart API code, vs. pages of code using ST's HAL library.


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