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Smart.IO App Screencaps

Smart.IO is shipping before end of August! Now anyone can create an App UI for their embedded tech!

Sample UIs  We design Smart.IO to be easy to use, yet powerful. Notice that in the "Pokemon Control" the power up slider is automatically dependent on the state of the expandable list: if no Pokemon is selected, then the slider is inactive. This is done with a single API call. 

Check out for more details.


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Smart.IO is now Patent Pending

More detail and user documentation coming soon!

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Smart.IO.. coming soon

All embedded product designers want to provide a great user interface for their products. In 2016, the obvious state-of-the-art solution is to write an app to more easily use Widget X. The only problem is that it takes quite a bit of time and $$$ to incorporate the wireless technology needed, and of course even more time for writing the app.

Until Now! - or until Real Soon, that is! Only $16, a few lines of API calls, NO wireless programming, NO app writing... details coming soon on KickStarter!!... Stay Tuned!!


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Spiffy New Animation On Our Homepage

Check out our home page if you have not done so in the past couple days. The "Hero Slides" concept is good but I thought we can do better. Our superhuman web designer met the challenge and did exactly what I envision. It describes our focus perfectly.


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1270 Hits Reviews Our Book "C 4 Everyone"

Check it out!

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