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Smart.IO Production Hardware Are Here!

1000x pieces are here and ready to be shipped!


We do have some other stuff to finish though:

1) A manufacturing error means that we have to redo the Arduino shields. We are trying to salvage what we have, and if so, they should be finished in about 2 weeks.

2) The iOS and Android Apps are functional complete. We are now fixing any issues we find, and getting them to be put on the Apple and Google stores.

3) The (revised) Smart.IO firmware had some delay, mainly due to some personal reasons. Sorry about that.

4) Documentations are being written and uploaded to our website

So definitely on the final stretch. Shipping will commence as soon as the firmware is finalized, and we are aiming for end of July / beginning of August delivery.


Thank you for your patience!

Six Weeks and Counting
Smart.IO App Screencaps

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