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Open Sourcing Our Middleware Stacks

wifi2go™ is the first product release in our new line of io2go™ "Internet of Things" modules. We won't say much about the other new products yet, but expect the next prototype module to be ready by June 2016. It will be a very exciting addition to the IoT space!

Regardless, the key to making these IoT - or indeed any - embedded modules accessible is to have good supportive middleware. Especially for IoT, users need RTOS, TCP/IP stack, etc. At ImageCraft, we have decided to release most if not all of our new middleware into Open Source with dual licensing: free for non-commercial uses, and at reasonable pricing for commercial use.

What does "reasonable" mean? Well, one only needs to look at the price of our commercial compiler tools which start at $249, versus the competition which charges many thousands of dollars and up, to know what we mean. :D 

For starters, we will soon be releasing the "nanoexec" Cortex-M simple multitasking executive on GitHub. We will also feature technical articles about these software stacks on our blog, and elsewhere. Stay tuned for details!

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