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Embedded Resources

With all the forums, websites, newsletters, blogs, social media, it can be hard to keep up with all the "Happenings" in embedded space. Here are some of my favorite resources. What are yours? Please feel free to comment!

The Embedded Muse

This is a newsletter I always enjoy reading. About the author:

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The Embedded Muse is Jack Ganssle’s newsletter about all things embedded, including both hardware and software issues. It has been in continuous publication for 18 years, with 300 issues to date. Each issue contains hard-hitting technical content, reviews of tools, a giveaway of some interesting bit of embedded gear, and more. Sent twice a month, you can get a free subscription here:

Jack also writes for He is an engaging speaker, and he frequently presents workshops at venues such as the Embedded Systems Conference. It is well worth the time to attend one of his presentations.

Embedded Computing News

A good site to put on your RSS reading list. They also have a daily newsletter. Go to the site to find the subscribe button on upper right.


A site with a focus on Open Source hardware and software, Hackaday is a fun site to visit for inspiration about hacks and other hands-on projects. Did I say fun? :D

EEVblog Electronics Community Forum

As noted by the forum subtitle: "A Free & Open Forum For Electronics Enthusiasts & Professionals", EEVblog's membership includes professional engineers and makers / hobbyists. Never short of people with strong opinions, it is a good place to ask questions and receive answers.

AVR Freaks (forum)

THE PLACE to be if you are interested using Atmel AVR devices. Most forum members are GCC / AVR Studio users, so it may not be as useful to JumpStart users per se, but nevertheless, AVR Freaks has a lot of good information and discussion on the AVR devices.

The latest reincarnation of the Embedded Programming magazine, I like that this website covers multiple areas of interest, not just regarding hardware but also news and articles about software as well.

Printed Magazines

While printed media is definitely not what it used to be, I still enjoy reading Circuit Cellar, and Nuts and Volts, both of which have online content as well.

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